Kiosko was an initiative about publications where I invited artists to react upon them in creative processes. It was
a project of performative publishing, art dialogue and exhibition in the contiguity with publishing. Kiosko was

a temporary place for reunion, a fictional treasure island where the verb publish was gold. Through Kiosko, I commissioned performances, art works, installations, an architectural pavilion, screenings; together we published a physical shelter for imagination with a vast public program.

This project took shape through curating of publications, an exhibition of works derived from the aforementioned selection and a pavilion in the institution’s garden that served as a keystone for the works, publications and public gathering. Kiosko perceived the editorial as a key element in contemporary culture.

Part of the theoretical basis for Kiosko were Species
of Spaces by George Perec, Ulises Carrión, the I Ching hexagram 45 Ts’ ui, poems by Ocean Vuong and
the books that triggered the collaboration with the artists.

Communication of the project was also an important application of language as a provocation. Through Kiosko I explored topics such as the politics of the subtlety, the gestural, the act of editing as an interpretative labour and reading the space as a form of writing.


Artists of the Exhibition:

Luiso Ponce, Ana Navas, Rodrigo Hernández, Carmen Huizar, Manuela García, Alan Sierra, Paloma Contreras

Pavilion Architects:

Adrián Ramírez Siller, Pedro Ceñal Murga, Roberto Michelsen

Public Program Residents:

Galería Progreso, Red de Reproducción y Distribución, Bettie Tinieblas, Bárbara González, independent publishers from Mexico City,  Music Collectives, Roger Muñoz, amongst others

un refugio físico para la imaginación editorial