1 Exhibition at Casa de Francia (IFAL), Mexico City

2 March, 2019

Jaakko Pallasvuo, Antoine Marchalot, María Vez, Gabriel Rosas Alemán, Lorena Ancona and Ceel Mogami de Haas

4 Curated by Eva Posas with curatorial assistance by Diana Cantarey

5 A project in collaboration with Caniche Magazine 

6 Special thanks to Bárbara Hernández, Elsa Louise Manceaux, Héllène Ficat, Tanya Zimmerman, Jacqueline Andre, Joel Mancilla, Abraham González, Ben Sagols and all the staff of Casa de Francia

4 Press
Terremoto, GasTV, Marvin, Once Noticias

(Un)building Stories
~ Caniche in Space

How to read different horizons in the same space? When we talk about reading, we think about books or printed formats that we immediately relate to writers or novels as synonyms of stories or narratives. However, it is not necessary to read or see something on Netflix to find narratives, we can find them by accident everywhere; in everyday life, in the objects of the supermarket or waiting for public transport: narratives are inherent to human discourse since it is a way of knotting our step in time.

Traditionally, the narrative structure of any work consists of the approach, knot and its outcome. One way to outline narrative actions is through graphic elements; examples of them are magazines and comics that are based on a network or composition of lines. The set of these lines make grids and as a structure, they are the skeleton for the contents, let’s say they are the bones of 
a body. Whether the lines are horizontal, vertical or curved, the grid weaves intersections and thus the creation of new spaces. It is in those spaces where the characters, actions and time of a story come together. Specifically in graphic narratives such as comics, reticular spaces are a possibility to break the traditional reading in order to create open stories without an evident beginning or end.

From the invitation of Caniche Magazine*, in (Un)Building Stories we present six artists oriented in different topics and approaches to the plastic work. On this occasion their work was selected under the pretext of graphic narratives and the editorial exploration in the physical space of Casa de Francia Gallery. Without particular details, the work of these artists could be traced through reticular rules and in some cases, we can see more evident steps towards the graphic novel for the exploration of topics such as dreams, the future, the Mayan codices, the body, the domestic space, everyday life and the anxiety of living today. The result is a psychedelic sample, a bit surrealistic that flirts with a six- voice story, fragmented between each other but with the possibility of reading
it all together as a mysterious narrative (without beginning or end) where the pieces float harmoniously in space.

Caniche Magazine is an editorial printed project of visual artist Elsa-Louise Manceaux. Caniche in Space is a proposal of the magazine curated by Eva Posas.