1 Exhibition at Riña in Guatemala City

2 December, 2018

3 Artists
Elsa-Louise Manceaux, Jimena Croceri, Francesco Pedraglio, Ramiro Chaves and Daniela Flores

4 Curated by Eva Posas 

Special thanks to Luiso Ponce, Andrés Vargas, Diego Sagastume, Byron Mármol and the artists



No language is final

Language, like a bouquet of flowers, is transformed through different seeds that manifest (or hide) layers of signs, words and spoken sculptures. 

Where does it start, where does it end? It may start at the tip of the tongue
and lodge in the pit of the stomach. Perhaps its origin can be traced to the unconscious or perhaps it was never there. The truth is that it fluctuates between the limits of control, the invisible and matter through written images.

To represent the ways of thinking, the mental schemes of writing or the intangibility of our communication, is part of the game that happens in this exhibition with poetic unknowns. If language is something that we all feel and understand without necessarily knowing, then, no language is final.