1 Exhibition at Carta Blanca, Mexico City

2 Octuber, 2018

3 Artist
Valentina Jager

4 Curated by Eva Posas 

5 Special thanks to Iván Krassoievitch, Valentina Jager, Manuela La Borde, Diego Salvador Ríos, Cristina Rodríguez, Javier Villaseñor and Luis Young

2 Press
Gas TV

Los gusanos bajo las piedras
~ worms under the stones

Los gusanos bajo las piedras was an intervention on the walls of Carta Blanca Space; a stage scene of language and words, a terracotta room, a painting of the invisible work and a love/hate letter between a translator and the sadomasochistic relationship with the author.

A poem by Valentina Jager was written on the walls using mud. Letters were traced one by one over a vinyl stuck to the wall in order to be covered by the mud and when it was finally dry, the letters were scratched from the walls revealing the poem and drawings. Poetry as matter.