Niidxi: Sobre curar desde el lenguaje

Edited by Carolina Cerón and Ximena Gama Chirolla,  Lo Curatorial desde el Sur is a book  about curating from Latin America that reflects upon the curatorial field, challenges and experiences from a situated perspective.

Niidxi: Sobre curar desde el lenguaje is the title of my essay contribution. The editors’ words about it in a rough translation:

“This essay reminds us that who we are,  the work we do and choices we make in life are determined not only by our personal history, but also by the history  and relationships with our ancestors and, in this case, with their mother tongue. This is a text taking her body and her memories as a center. Both, her experience as a woman and mother, as well as her story as a daughter and granddaughter, continue to open a path to give life to her curatorial thinking and her work within the spoken and written word.”

The printed book is published in Bogotá, Colombia and an online version is available in this link.