Libros de estudio
~Taller Dibujo y movimiento

Libros de estudio shows creative processes in order to facilitate their replication or appropriation. Thought as collection, the aim is to foster the voice of artists we want to listen to: their references, inspiration, close conversation partners, and the importance of their personal baggage. In this book, artist Galia Eibenschutz is who guides us through a personal reflexion regarding her own artistic practice and the almost poetic instructions that detonate her exercises about drawing and movement.


  • Editing by Eva Posas  

  • Published by Fundación Alumnos47, Mexico City

  • 2017

  • Participant Authors: Galia Eibenschutz, Daniel Garza Usabiaga, Jessica Berlanga Taylor, Sérgio Taborda and Víctor Muñoz.

  • PDF Libros de estudio: dibujo y movimiento