Dispersion was a research project that sought to identify, assemble and analyze ideas and concepts used by mexican artists born between 1980 and 1990.

From February to December of 2015, 135 interviews were made to young artists throughout the Mexican Republic with the purpose of identifying the themes, social conditions and concepts that surrounded their artistic practice. A group of artists and specialists in various disciplines analyze the information gathered in the aforementioned research and were dispersed together. Dispersion is an index, a chorus, a group of poems and mental maps, a manifesto, circles, statistics, emails, a dictionary, data, interviews, networks, a novel, psychoanalysis, a fuse, a book and a website.


  • Editing by Juan Caloca and Eva Posas 

  • Published by Alumnos47, Mexico City

  • 2017

  • Participant Authors: Anni Garza Lau, Diego Salvador Ríos, Daniela Cruz, Diego Beauroyre, Eva Posas, Homero Fernández, Juan Arturo García, Juan Caloca, Luciano Concheiro, Sandra Sánchez, Víctor del Moral, Valentina Jager.

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